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Sports Car

Premium Wash Service in Quinte West

Wash, Clay, and Seal

Our Premium Wash is a great service for anyone who wants to have great gloss, slickness, and protection on their vehicle without getting a full Wash And Wax

Add some more shine to your vehicle!

Our Premium Wash offers the benefits of our Wash And Wax without the full decontamination process. We thoroughly wash your vehicle, then clay and seal it, leaving you with a clean, glossy, and protected finish. This service is ideal for those who have already used our Wash And Wax service and want to give their vehicle an extra boost.

Our Wash And Wax Process

Using a wheel cleaner we remove brake dust, dirt, and road grime from your tires and wheels

Using a clay pad we clay the vehicle removing leftover contaminates

We use paint safe methods to hand wash and dry your vehicle

We apply a ceramic spray leaving your paint protected for up to 6 months

We apply tire dressing to make your wheels stand out, with some added protection

If you are interested in more decontamination and iron particle removal then our Wash And Wash is best for you

Check Out Our Prices


Starting at $100


Starting at $120


Starting at $160

3-Row Vehicle

Starting at $180

Premium Wash FAQs

Do you come to me?

Yes we are a mobile unit, we come right to your house we just need access to a power and water supply,

we service areas in and around Quinte west,

You can also bring your vehicle to our home location

Premium Wash vs Wash And Wax

Our Premium Wash is a Wash, Clay, and Seal while our Wash And Wax service includes iron remover and water spot remover making the vehicle cleaner and helping the sealant bond to the paint more, which could improve the sealant's effectiveness. Both are great options depending on the condition of your vehicle and the results you are looking for.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the vehicle it can take 1-2 hours

How long does it last?

Depending on the weather, use, and storage of the vehicle it can last between 4-6 months

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