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Truck Interior

Complete Interior Detail Services in Quinte West

At Quinte Mobile Detailing, we provide professional car detailing services so you can keep your car looking great inside and out. Our interior detail services include vacuuming, wiping down door jambs, cleaning plastic panels, steam cleaning and shampooing carpet and fabric surfaces, cleaning and conditioning leather seats and surfaces, and cleaning interior glass and windows.

Bring Back Your Interior

How long has it been since your last detail?

Having your vehicle detailed not only preserves the interior, such as carpets, seats, plastics, etc but also makes a healthier environment by removing dirt, grime, and bacteria, enhancing comfort for occupants. Additionally, interior detailing helps eliminate stubborn odours, creating a fresh-smelling cabin and providing protection against wear and tear

Complete Interior Detail process

We thoroughly vacuum using our air compressor, vacuum, and tools

we deep clean all the plastics, vinyl, and leather in the vehicle

We wipe down the door jams to leave a clean look when opening the door

Using our carpet cleaner and stain remover we deep clean your cloth seats and carpets

Using a window cleaner we clean your glass, windows, and mirrors

After we are done we look around the vehicle for anything we might have missed

Want the exterior done as well?
Check out our Full Detail package

Check Out Our Prices


Starting at $180


Starting at $200


Starting at $220

3-Row Vehicle

Starting at $260

Complete Interior Detailing FAQs

Do you come to me?

Yes, we are mobile, we can detail right in your driveway we just need access to power and water

We also have a drop off option to leave your vehicle at our home location

How much is it?

The prices listed above are starting prices and could go up based on the condition of the vehicle

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the vehicle it can take 2-4 hours

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