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How to maintain your ceramic coating

Does your vehicle have a fresh ceramic coating?

Are you thinking of getting one?

These are some things you may want to know

Why would you want a ceramic coating

A Ceramic Coating is a great way to enhance your vehicle paint and improve the life of the vehicle, a ceramic coating can add gloss and depth making your vehicle look better than ever, it adds UV protection to block UV rays coming from the sun that would damage your clearcoat over time, a ceramic coating also has hydrophobic properties which can make water bead or sheet off your vehicle making your vehicle easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer, ceramic coatings have chemical resistance in them meaning things like acidic rain, salt, chlorine, bird poo, or anything other harmful things won't do as much damage to your vehicle 


What to do after getting a ceramic coating

For the hour after don't get the vehicle wet

And for the first week don't wash your vehicle

After 1 week

After 1 week your vehicle is fully cured and can now be washed

You can call us back to wash your vehicle or you can wash it yourself with some supplies like a bucket, rinseless wash or car soap, wash mitt or wash sponge, and drying towel, you may also need to pre-rinse the vehicle with a safe pre-wash


After 6 - 12 months

After 6 - 12 months depending on how often and in what conditions you're driving possibly longer, your vehicle may seem to be losing its coating, don't worry it's not.

Your coating gets contaminated and clogged from driving even if you wash it regularly, to get your coating back to new you must decontaminate the paint, do your regular wash then use a decontamination(clay) towel, mitt or pad, Do not use a clay bar, and an iron remover, you may even need to use a water spot remover, after that your coating will be clean

We also offer this service as our Wash And Wax

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