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One-Step Polish

Our one-step polish service includes a complete contact wash, clay application to exterior surfaces for a smooth finish, cleaning of all wheels and tires, and a polish and spray wax applied to the exterior. We also clean all exterior windows and dress tires to finish the job!

One-Step Polish Process

Using a wheel cleaner we remove brake bust, dirt, and road grime from your tires and wheels

We use paint safe methods to hand wash and dry your vehicle

Using a window cleaner we clean your glass, windows, and mirrors

Using Iron decontamination and a clay pad we decontaminate your paint leaving it smooth

We use a machine to apply a polish to remove minor imperfections

We use a machine to apply a paint sealant leaving your paint protected for up to 6 months

We apply tire dressing to make your wheels stand out, with some added protection

This service only removes light imperfections
If you would like deeper imperfections removed, check out our Two-Step Paint correction

Check Out Our Prices


Starting at $250


Starting at $300


Starting at $400

Large Suv/ Mini Van

Starting at $450

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