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Buffing a Car

Two-Step Paint Correction

Our two-step paint correction process removes heavy imperfections that a polish can't tackle, giving your car an amazing shine and making it look like it just rolled out of the showroom.

Paint Correction process

Using a wheel cleaner we remove brake bust, dirt, and road grime from your tires and wheels

We use paint safe methods to hand wash and dry your vehicle

Using a window cleaner we clean your glass, windows, and mirrors

We apply tire dressing to make your wheels stand out, with some added protection

Using Iron decontamination and a clay pad we decontaminate your paint leaving it smooth

Using a machine and cutting compound we level out the paint and remove up to 80% of imperfections

Using a machine we apply a polish to smooth out the paint 

We use a machine to apply a paint sealant leaving your paint protected for up to 6 months

This service removes up to 80% of imperfections, if you only have light imperfections check out our One-Step Polish

Check Out Our Prices


Starting at $400


Starting at $450


Starting at $600

Large Suv/ Mini Van

Starting at $650

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