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Best Gloss 5-year Ceramic Coating
In Quinte West

Gloss, slickness, and ease of maintenance will be yours for 5 years with this high-tech ceramic composite coating that combines silicon dioxide (Si02), SiN, and Polysilazane to give you durable hydrophobic ceramic protection


Unparalleled protection, gloss, and durability for your vehicle.

What are the benefits?

Hydrophobic Properties, This coating repels water and dirt making your vehicle easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer.

Gloss, This coating has the best gloss for your vehicle

UV Protection, Coatings help prevent UV rays from the sun from damaging your clearcoat.

Chemical Resistance, This coating is a great way to add chemical resistance to your vehicle, it protects against things like salt, chlorine, acidic rain, harsher chemicals, etc. Our 8-year Ceramic Coating has the most chemical resistance

5-Year Protection, With this coating you can expect 5 or more years of protection with proper maintenance, Washing regularly, avoiding harsher products, decontaminating your paint, etc

Ceramic Coating Prices

5-Year Ceramic Coating

The 5-Year Ceramic Coating has the most gloss 


Includes light paint enhancement

Other Coatings

The 8-Year Ceramic Coating is the most chemical-resistant


Includes light paint enhancement

The 3-Year graphene coating has

the best water spot resistance 


Includes light paint enhancement

Not sure which one you want?

Request a quote and we will be happy to help

Ceramic Add ons

Interior Ceramic

Having ceramic on your interior makes cleaning easier, protects your vehicle from UV rays, and helps prevent stains

$100 - $200

Must be booked with a complete interior detail

Wheel Coating

Ceramic-coated wheels can improve gloss, and UV protection, and help protect against road grime and brake dust

Wheels face only $100

Wheels off coating $250

Paint correction

If your vehicle has a lot of scratches and swirls you may want them corrected before your coating

Check out our one-step polish or two-step paint correction

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Ceramic Coating FAQs

What coating do you use?

We use 3-year Graphene Coating, 5-year Ceramic Coating, and 8-year Ceramic Coating, they all have similar benefits with different main benefits to discover unmatched shine, protection, and longevity for your vehicle. 

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the vehicle it can take 5-10 hours

What are the benefits

The 5-year Ceramic Coatings main benefit is its unmatched gloss

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